On a cold and rainy October day three friends and I embarked on what we knew would be an epic journey through the Catskill Mountains hiking the Escarpment Trail.  What we didn't expect was how gorgeous a rainy day at 3000' feet is or how our perspective would change when we peered out into what seemed like an endless, foggy abyss.  

The first day we peaked mountain after mountain, but encompassed by this surreal foggy world we never truly understood our accomplishments.  The gray sky hung low, sweeping the landscapes with lingering clouds that only allowed glimpses of what lay beneath.  On the morning of the second day this all changed when we awoke to find the sun creeping slowly over the tree tops towards us, and our dampened spirits.   

Although the second day offered us the chance to see the valleys below and the magnificent fall colors, the fog still hung in my mind because of all it had offered; A mystical juxtaposition to the clear skies a hiker usually sets out to experience.  It was the combination of the two days; one wet and magical, the other sunny and colorful, that allowed us the chance to experience two very different worlds.  Each in their own right a reason to spend the weekend in the mountains.  See for yourself.