In Upstate New York, within the hills of the Shawangunk Mountain Range lies this hidden gem, making it's name quite appropriate.  Don't get me wrong, ask any local about Hidden Pond and they'll know what you are talking about but getting there is another story.  My suggestion, find someone who's familiar with the hike to bring you.  Otherwise, the directions you'll be given might consist of "Follow the river" and "bush-wack through the miniature Pine forest".   

The hike itself is easy at the start, becoming moderately difficult; In the beginning you are following a well maintained path that then turns narrow, and eventually disappears all together, leaving you to maneuver your way through untamed brush.  There are semi-steep ups and downs, some of which (especially in the winter) require good footing because of slick slabs of rock.  All of this is worth it when you come into view of the Catskills in the distance, or find yourself standing amongst the miniature pine forests making you feel larger than life.  So,  if you have the heart to follow your feet over the mountain and through the woods, and want a hike where you're not likely to see many fellow travelers, Hidden Pond is the one.

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