Stoneman Brewery is taking locally sourced to a whole new level.  Owner & Brew Master, Justin Korby, is finding ways to brew beer made from 100% local ingredients, even down to the well water he uses that comes from his property.  He and his wife Katie, who is the farmer in the relationship, hope to one day be able to grow everything they need on their own farm.  Simply put, they wants to "Grow Beer".  For now, they have sought out local farmers in their area of Colrain, MA to provide them with their beer necessities until their farm becomes self-sustainable.  

Not only is this idea of 100% locally grown beer pretty radical, Justin has found other ways to push the envelope. Stoneman introduced the first ever Beer CSA in Western Massachusetts.  To many of us, this concept is more familiar as a farm CSA, where the customer pays for a share of the farm at the beginning of the season, and throughout that season members pick up their weekly vegetables. Not dissimilar to this, members of Stoneman's CSA meet up once a month to pick up their share of beer. Needless to say, the beers Stoneman provides are seasonal; Whatever types of grains and hops are available determine the types of beers he will create.  Naturally, it happens as the progression of beer ought to, summer = IPA, winter = Stout (but that may just be my opinion). And here is the real kicker, when the members pick up their monthly shares they get to taste test beers, sometimes upwards of 20 different kinds, and then fill their baskets according to their own taste buds.   What do you think the guy at the corner store would say if I opened every beer to taste it before I bought it?  

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Justin Korby at his farm in Colrain, MA, which is also the site of Stoneman Brewery.


Some of Stoneman's Wintery Seasonal beers; Monk Belgian Style Ale, Hog Down Brown Ale, Ghost Hog Imperial Brown Ale & King Korby Imperial Stout


A fun, yet insightful treasure map that speaks to the ideology of Stoneman.  It was used as a marketing tool by Justin & his brother, Walker (the illustrator), at the conception of the Brewery. 


As well as beer, Stoneman has developed a line of beer related products, one being this tulip glass, which is said to enhance the drinkers experience by slowing the release of carbonation and directing the different flavor complexes to the nose (much like a wine glass does for wine).


Justin giving a tour of Stoneman Brewery


Similar to the CSA pick up, these customers are trying before buying at "Crafts of Colrain".  Stoneman Brewery invited his fellow Western Massachusettans to come to the farm, get a tour of the brewery, and try any number of their seasonal beers.  


Even these pigs benefit from Stoneman; They are fed the mash (the spent grain, after it's been used in the production of beer).


The mash provides around 80% of these pigs diets.  And yes, eventually they will provide something to Justin & Katie's diets.  It all comes full circle.